Elderbull Alert! Sister Nancy, Saved by Sandy!

A few weeks ago Sandy tore through much of the East Coast.  BARCS had to evacuate, similar to last year when Irene came through.  However this time, instead of needing fosters for all the dogs, they were able to secure some trucks for transport as well as space in a city arena, above sea level (BARCS is waterfront, and AT sea level which poses major flooding risk).  This meant they needed a ton of man power to get the dogs walked, into crates and into those trucks, then unloaded.  Volunteers from all over the city showed up at 7am (many before) to help.  It was quite impressive and amazing.  I didn’t take any pictures that day, but my friend J was able to share some with me.

After setting up many of the dogs with water, food, and dry blankets, I looked over to see someone falling in love…

This is a friend I know from B-More Dog, falling into love with little old Nancy.   And somehow, Hurricane Sandy saved Nancy.  Well not somehow… if your involved in animal rescue at all, you know the pleas.  You’ve seen them..  Well it turns out that another friend I know through fostering and saw during the evacuation, saw the plea on facebook… and after getting home and dry he turned right around to get Nancy.

An older gal, stressed out, with a terrible case of kennel cough.  Lets just say her odds aren’t good in a city shelter.  So, in a way, Sandy Saved Nancy (along with a bunch of other kind souls who saw the goodness in hers).

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Nancy!

I got to spend some time taking some glamour shots of Nancy this weekend.  Here’s what her foster mama had to say about this turn-key golden girl:

“Nancy is incredibly sweet. Housebroken. Crate trained. Has some
seriously cute ears! Loves to just be with you. Low energy but still
loves to run around and play at the appropriate times. Does well with
older (1-2 yrs or older) dogs that are not overly dominant or hyper.
She takes corrections very well. She’s not jumpy or hyper. Does great
on and off leash. Very good with strangers. She’d make a great “shop”
dog or would be good for someone who entertains a lot because she
loves everyone! Loves to give kisses. She is very gentle. Does well
with babies and toddlers. Loves to go for rides. She’s truly a
“turn-key” dog. She’d be perfect for any family. Can some one love her
the way she deserves to be loved for the rest of her years? She will
undoubtedly love you back ten fold!!”

If anyone is interested in adopting the FAB-U-LOUS elderbull, Nancy… please let me know, or contact BARCS directly.  I’m telling you, this girl is wonderful.

Feel free to network this girl!  She sure would appreciate it.

Two weeks with Tyson

Guess who had his best buddy over for a 2 week sleepover?  Yup, Tyson was with us for almost two weeks while his humans were on their honeymoon!

So what were the boys up to?  Well they had to get all their zoomies out before Hurricane Sandy arrived, so along with their gal pal Molly, they did exactly that.

Tyson was on storm watch duty, but this was apparently exhausting.

So it was a whole lot of butt snugglin’ and hibernating when Sandy finally arrived, which was fine with us!

They graciously took turns being the butt cushion, of course.

They even got some snuggles in with the humans. 

We are thankful and happy to report that we survived Sandy with no real damage, but our hearts go out to those who suffered and lost during this terrible storm.  There are many places and people near and dear to our hearts that have suffered and we continue to keep them in our thoughts.