Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Need help with your Laundry?  I know just the thing you need…

Yup, in this house we need to count all 4 kittens before we start a load.  The love the laundry machine and sneak in when we are loading.  They also love the laundry basket…. this makes a headcount …1, 2, 3, 4…. necessary before pressing the start button. 🙂


I promised only one kittie post this week.   They are doing great at 7 weeks old!  For those of you who read the last kitten post, it’s actually this guy who’s my favorite!  

He’s just such a ham!  He loves to cuddle and play.  All of the kittens arrived to us at 3.5 weeks hissing!  It was adorable really, like who could be scared of a ball of fur weighing a few ounces?!  Needless to say, they have come a long way and actually enjoy human attention now.  The beauty of fostering.  These guys needed socialization and that’s what they got!  But Hammie here, flourished.  He was meant to be a King living in the lap of luxury.  🙂

Mama continues to do an amazing job wrangling her curious kitties.  They are still nursing, though are less and less interested every day and eating more and more food.  They are doing great with the adjustment!  

Her favorite spot is smack in the middle of the hallway upstairs, on the rug.  She’s such a sweet mama.

Here are two of the boys cuddling– they have the ‘just nursed’ buzz going.

And how beautiful is he?  We can tell the boy and girl apart by their eyes.  His are the lightest blue!  Hers are a bit deeper.  And when all else fails, we hold ’em upside down and check that way 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!  And thanks for putting up with the kitten invasion.  Don’t worry, there will be a beautiful canine face arriving on Sunday 😉