Two Fabulous Dogs

On Saturday I got to spend some time taking pictures of two adorable adoptables from Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies… Peony and Micah (aptly named in honor of the Jewish holiday)!

I love taking photographs of adoptable pups.  It’s one of the fun ways I get to do my part in the process of helping these dogs find their forever homes.  I feel a terrible pang of guilt that we’re still not fostering.  Chocko’s just not ready yet.  But here’s my eansy weansy tiny contribution.  And I get to meet some great dogs, get some sloppy kisses, and work on my ever evolving (and hopefully improving) photography skills.

Now onto our two adoptables (I have no double they will go f.a.s.t.)


She’s beautiful, sweet, easy-going and is ready to dish out kisses to anyone she meets!  For a dog that’s only about a year and a half, her energy level is pretty impressive (as in very calm).  She’s an example of a dog who showed terribly in a shelter enviroment due to stress…but out of the shelter and in your arms?  I can’t imagine a dog that could ‘show’ any better.

peony and allie 2 peony and allie peony4 peony2 peony3

And then there was this meaty boy,


Seriously, how handsome is this bachelor?  Only about a year old he’s a small, compact tank of a boy with a beautiful set of eyes (they make me melt!)  He’s energetic and interested in the world!  A dog ready to start the next chapter of his life and forget what brought him here.

blue edit 3 blue edit blue edit 2 blue edit 1