I’m a Handydog

Hey virtual friends!  Chocko here.

I thought I’d show you all the hard work me and the big guy have been doing on the house.  Now some of you may have already guessed there were some renovations going on when you saw this picture of me on the facebook page, helping to warm cut the drywall.

Well clearly I was such a good Handydog that I was allowed to help with the big jobs too.  We’re working on the 3rd floor so on Sunday we decided to show my servant my mama how much progress we were making.  Mama was soooo happy that she decided to snap a few ‘in-progress’ pictures, so naturally I just jumped right in to give the tour since I’m not camera shy.  Mama kinda forgot to take pictures of our handy work and just kept pointing the clicker thingy at me!  Don’t worry I reminded her not to just focus on my handsome mug.

Not me mama…the walls! Take picture of the walls.

I’m a pretty handsome Handydog, huh!  Here’s me and the big guy showing mama the new closet.  Don’t worry, my greenball comes everywhere with me.  I love it when it’s extra dusty.

Aren’t my paws so cute?!

We’re a good team, aren’t we?  I’m a good Handydog supervisor too.  I think they are going to promote me officially soon… I’ll keep you posted.  (But you all should keep your lil paws crossed for me!)


I can’t wait till this room is done…I’m so proud of the work so far.  What do you think?  I’m a fantabulous Handydog, right?  Promotion?  What do you all say?

Squeeky clean!

It was long over due…

Chocko had to go head to head with the hose, and he lost.

He was unimpressed with this so-called bathing…and he thinks his pedicure was super un-called for.

He did however love doing zoomies to ‘dry off’….

And he took advantage of some of the conventional drying methods as well.   The good ‘ol shake and toweling off.

What’s more comforting that a green ball and being toweled off by your mama and dad?!  Nothing. In. The. World.

Do you all take advantage of outdoor bathing in the summer?  We’ve found baths are only needed right when are shelter pups arrive at our house and a few times a year for maintenance.  The secret to a clean smelling pup is keeping their bed/crate mat clean!  We use unscented, mild detergent.  And a hypoallergenic dog soap…but this week, Chocko is red and itchy.  I’ve heard Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is the way to go… any suggestions?  Knox used to get itchy and red after a bath too.  Seems ironic, doesn’t it?!

Chocko has a playdate!

Look who came to play with Chocko this weekend!

Yup these two had a grand old time in our little (and I mean little) patio.  This fall, these two boys will be spending a month shacking up together!  So we are letting them get more and more acquainted with each other.  Which for the two of them, means a bit of butt sniffing and a ton of play time.

Tyson got himself a bit muddy….

So his mama broke out the hose (which he LOVES)… Chocko, not so sure yet…

These guys are gonna be golden together!  Chocko will be headed over to Tyson’s house in September while we are taking a lil trip overseas (ok not little, SO excited for it) and then Ty will be staying with us while his parents go on their honeymoon!  This plan was set over a year ago for Knox and Tyson, which is why Ty was basically the final decision in our Chockster adoption.  Phew!

Handsome boys in their Sirius Republic Collars

Evey got Lucky

oh that Evey girl!  What a lucky gal.  Her adopted name is Jayde, but she’ll always be Eve to us.  She was adopted and got to live on a farm! 

Doesn’t get much better….but she recently lost her (much) older brother.  We are very sorry for her loss.  Recently loosing Knox we can understand all to well how the loss of a pet can affect us all.

But do you know what makes Eve/Jayde lucky?  She went and got herself her very own Lucky!  Yup, her mama decided to get her a foster brother, from MABB, named…. LUCKY!

Here’s her email update from their first day:

So far so good…. He [Lucky] laid down stretching out and taking up the whole back seat all the way home.  Jayde was forced to sit on the floor for a while.

It was pretty comical actually.  She got her revenge once she got him home in the yard.  She went right into wrestle mode with him.

He warmed up to it rather quickly and held his own as you can see in the pics.  Once they burned off that energy we went in and they took a little nap on the recliner and cooled off.  Then around 8:00 we went for a nice long walk and came back and they ate dinner and we relaxed before bed.  When I woke up, they were beside me and Jayde was spooning him.  He started out at the foot of the bed.  I wish I would have had my camera handy it was really cute.  
 Eve really did go and get herself a Lucky, didn’t she!
We’re so sorry for Eve’s loss, but we’re glad she has Lucky to distract her from the heartache.  And it certainly looks like he’s doing a good job of that!
Lucky is available for adoption (I made a mistake earlier and thought it was an adoption, my bad friends!)  Anyway, he’s super awesome with other dogs and is doing so well on a farm with horses.  If your interested in this handsome fellow, please fill out an application through Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies! You won’t regret it!
(photos all courtesy of Jayde and Lucky’s mama, Angie)

Chloe and Chocko’s weekend

Chocko had a visitor this weekend, our previous foster Chloe Belle!!!  Yup, her humans were in Me-he-co for a few days and Chlo got to play with Chock all weekend… and do I mean PLAY. ALL. weekend.  Sheesh!  I was getting flashbacks to the Tyson & Knox “rolling around like tumble-weeds” days.

We tried not to let them get too carried away, and only let them wrestle around for a few minutes before telling them to chill out (and they listened so well…I was impressed).

Now this is not the first time they’ve met.  If you recall, Chloe was adopted by our very good friends who also happen to live around the corner, so they’ve walked together and had many a butt-sniffs.

Speaking of butts, how cute are their lil tush’s?!

I think they look pretty good together, don’t you?

It was a good weekend tester…and it reminded us that just because this boy is four years old, doesn’t mean the play is all out of him.  Nope, he’s got a ton of play behavior left so it’s a good warning for us for fostering… starting from scratch there!

We’re up for the challenge (not yet though!)

Hope you all had a good weekend and got as much lovin’ as I did 🙂

Dear Knox: The New Guy

Hey Bud,

So you heard huh?  Well of course you did, I’m positive you had something to do with this. He’s pretty fantastic.  He’s like you in so many ways.  His head and body shape are the obvious – all of his weight is in his chest and head, his lil butt doesn’t compare to the rest of him!  And he’s pretty tall too…just like you.  Oh and handsome!  Duh, that wasn’t a question right?  Handsome boys you two are.

He loves his ball so much!  But not your orange fetch one, he hasn’t met that one yet.  He loves your CUZ ball (that one you and Tyson ripped the feet off?)  LOVES IT.

I can’t believe this toy is still around a year later…that’s a huge feat in this house!

He’s met Tyson who gives his blessing, but I’m sure your laughing up there… thinking of your buddy Ty; who does Tyson not love?!  I know, I know, he doesn’t exactly set the bar high, but it’s good news for us.

Chocko’s a bit anxious…ok maybe more than a bit.  I’m trying to remember if you were in the beginning… you turned into such a confident guy at the ripe old age of 3.  I was proud of you for that; you were kinda a push-over at first 😉 .

I’m hoping he learns to relax a bit… we’re giving him a lot of consistency and stability and hopefully that’ll settle him down some.  He needs to be underfoot all the time, so we’re trying to help him build his confidence in the house… keeping him in a different room where he can still see or hear us but can’t be touching us.  He’s not as bad as you were in the crate when we leave during the day, but I do hear him crying and barking when I lock the door in the morning.  His WIRES are still in tact so he must not be as bad as you!  I can’t believe you went and ripped metal wires off a crate!  Crazy boy.

He would have been a year older than you.  Perfect.  I was so defeated when we lost you… I couldn’t comprehend starting all over again.  I love that he’s four and we are essentially picking up right where we left off with you… He’s a perfect foster-brother in the making.  Of course we’ll give him some stability and not drag in any new fosters just yet, but I know he’s gonna be so great… he’ll make you proud.

But with all your similarities he’s still very different.  His personality is a lot less confident in the house (hoping that will change over time) and he’s pretty timid of Brian (though he also loves him a ton).  It’s different because you know we’d never ever in a million years, hurt you.  Chocko hasn’t completely figured that out yet… and if Brian raises his voice he immediately rolls on his back or pees.  We’re working on it.  He’s also very excitable, just like you were, but is still learning the most acceptable ways to show his excitement… that’ll happen with time too (you took like a YEAR to learn that one).

Well Knox, there isn’t a whole lot else I know about him yet…it’s only been two weeks…but I wanted to say thanks for sending him our way.  I think we were a bit lost without a dog of our own, but until now, we weren’t ready.  I’m thankful we waited.  Five months later and I still love and miss you more than I thought possible.  Everyday I’m thankful for this passion that you brought out of me.  I can’t imagine my life with all of ‘this’…the blogging, fostering, photography, rescue stuff… I owe it all to you and not a day goes by that I don’t recognize that.

Love you, Knox.

Here’s the rest of the letters to my boy, incase you haven’t read them

Dear Knox I, Dear Knox II and Dear Knox III 

Party of three!

He’s ours.  He’s been ours since our love affair started.  He’s everything we want and need and his 20lb head is currently over heating my lap.  And it’s a wonderfully comforting feeling.

WE have a dog again.  It’s such a wonderful thing to say!  We were set up, but we were totally ready for it.  It’s time 🙂

It was this picture that first stole my heart… I mean is there anything NOT to love about a macho man in a tutu?!  I think not.  This photo credit goes to Lisa, who was his date at the Baltimore Pride Parade and also there for his intake/surrender.  The literal second I was liking/commenting on this picture, she posted the following on my facebook page, like the exact same second, saying that Chock was excited to meet me tomorrow at our fundraiser for BARCS.  To say that she knew what I was looking for was an understatement.  She knew all to well.

Look at that tongue!

The rest is history.  Brian and I have been ready for a dog for a while.  We contemplated adopting Holly, and Lovebug, and even Bodie (though I was so against a dog that young)… but all along, we were waiting for our perfect match.  There really is nothing imperfect about any of our previous fosters… but we just knew they weren’t our next heart-dog.  At one point, Brian suggested just heading to the shelter, and picking a random… just like we did with Knox.  It worked out for the best in the end, didn’t it?  His suggestions made sense…the longer we had a dog, the longer we nit-picked.  Knox was far from perfect, but with your dog, you make it work.  So when Chock arrived, we both knew it was a done deal.  A few quick things to iron out (like meeting his inherited bff, Tyson, which went amazingly), but we knew, he was ours.

And here he is.  Welcome Chock.  We’ve been waiting for you.  And we know Knox would approve 🙂

now about that ‘adopt me collar’…. it has got to go!

More on Chock…

This boy is our first foster that’s been a result of the Maryland Court of Appeals ruling.  More on that here.  I don’t know much, but I do know that at 3 years and 10 months, this boy was surrendered by his family to BARCS due to the ruling and not being able to bring him with them to their new rental.  Now normally I (maybe too judgementally) scoff at people for giving up their dogs… they are a lifetime commitment.  But now, in Maryland, I absolutely pity the owners who are faced with such a tough decision….move or give up a family member?  Eviction?  Homelessness?  Now there are families who have the financial capacity to be picky, but Chock’s family was not one of those.  I knew if this was last year, and we didn’t own our home, I would pick up and move with Knox if I had to.  To Alaska if need be.  I say that.  I’m sure I would, but I don’t doubt it would be terrible.  I don’t have kids.  I am financially stable…I have family and friends that could help.

But imagine I didn’t… I don’t know what my options would be.

Now I can criticize his previous owners for chopping off his ears, and not chopping off his boy parts (all taken care of now), and for probably buying him from a backyard ‘breeder’… but in the end, at intake, they were very sad to see him go.  My friend who works at BARCS was there to receive him.  His family was upset, kids were huggin’ on him…. this boy may have been trained with a heavy hand, and he may not have been leash trained (ok that’s for sure)… but I’m fairly confident he was loved in some way or another.  He was a family’s dog. 

And it’s a damn shame because he’s only one of the many wonderful dogs that are being ripped away from their families as a result of this ruling.  Certainly not a happy ending for most of these dogs…

But for Chock, well… He’ll have his happily ever after, we just know it 😉

A Happy 4th of July

Did you all have a happy 4th of July?  We did.  

We laid very low this year due to the heat and the fact that the 4th fell smack in the middle of a work week.  We were remembering last year’s 4th, with Mr. Knox and Ms. Eve…that was a busy 4th!

This year, we did a bunch of relaxing, lounging, stooping, and people watching.  Oh and some tennis ball chewing…can never do too much of that now, right?!

We barely even got up off the sofa to stick our heads out the back door to check out the fireworks!  That’s okay…sometimes ya just need a day to do some serious stoopin’.  And in Baltimore, you can’t get more patriotic.

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th just as much as we did!

We gave her the talk…

Yup, it’s that time!  We sat LB down and had the talk.

We are not her furever family, but they have found her!  She is going to live with a family of three (a 10-year-old human brother) and a kittie too!  Thank goodness we had these kittens so we were able to kitty test LB, and aside from wanting to play with them, she left them alone (lets just say they did not reciprocate the offer…)

She thanked us for letting her crash at our place on her journey to her forever home.

then threw her head back and cackled, “Wahoo!!!! I’m going home!”

We sure will miss sweet girl… There was something very special about her the day I picked  her up from the shelter.  I picked her up just for a transport, but my heart-strings were tugging to go back to the kennel and get her.  Sure enough she showed up the next night to crash after a vet visit.  I knew we needed to spend some more time with her!  I know it seems quick, but don’t forget she was with someone else for 3-4 weeks before she got here.  Besides, we knew this cutie wouldn’t last long.  She’s one lucky gal and they are one super lucky family.

Congrats, Lovebug!!!  You’ve only been gone for three days and we already miss you.  Lucky for us, the rotating door has swung again and there is a new dude in the house…

And he’s got a cute tush.