More bottle pups

Boy, do I love me some bottle pups- from a distance, of course!  Well that’s a lie, I like to get up close and personal with them.  Sniff their puppy breath, rub their bellies, let them canoodling in my arms…. BUT I like to give them back.


It sure does take a special person to handle a litter of bottle pups.  Unfortunately, when a litter like these 5 adorable pups show up alone, or with a mother that can’t (or isn’t) caring for them, their only chance of survival is going to a skilled and knowledgeable foster home who (this is the kicker) is WILLING to raise them, as their mama, for the next few weeks.


Do you have any idea what that means?!  I sure didn’t, until I started taking pictures of the first litter of bottle pups I posted.  It means, at first, feeding them every two hours, even over night!   Just like a newborn human.  Unlike a human though, there are 5 mouths to feed, not one.  It means doing laundry, every single day.  Stinky laundry.  When puppies are very young, their mothers do all the feeding and cleaning, so a mama with a litter is usually a whole lot easier to care for then a litter without a mama.  You care for the mama, the mama cares for the pups, done deal!  But, no mama?  Tough luck.  These pups need cleaning up around the clock (who’s going to invent puppy diapers?!)

It was unsuccessful at getting all 5 to look at me at any point - still cute though!

I was unsuccessful at getting all 5 to look at me at any point – still cute though!

These little cuties also happen to have a pretty bad case of kennel cough- that’s rough when you’re only 3 weeks old.  Luckily, our fabulous MABB puppy extraordinaire is there to look out for these snotty, whiney, soft, cuddly balls of fur until they are ready to be adopted!  They are somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks old right now, so hopefully in a month or so they will be healthy, well socialized, exuberant 8-week old pups!  Keep an eye out for these fabulous five in a month or so!

The three boys

The three boys

Handsome chuncker!

Handsome chuncker!

Fostermama's favorite, the lil runt...such a sweety!

Fostermama’s favorite, the lil runt…such a sweety!

Puppy Fix Wednesday

It’s that time again!  I wish I could give you all a scratch ‘n sniff screen sticker to smell this sweet puppy breath!

Check out these four cutie patooties!

Hard to believe they all came from the same litter, huh?!  Mama was a typical pit mix… no idea what daddy was.  The hunky boy looks all pit-bulldog ish, and the tri-color girl looks like she could be part beagle!  Then of course, there is the runt, who’s at least half the size of the rest of ’em.  Talk about a diverse litter!  If your interested in adopting these puppies, fill out an application through MABB!

And one more for the road— the runt.  My favorite.

Have a happy Wednesday!


I’ve said it time and again, we’re just not home enough for puppies.  And even if we were, I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge.  I never had a puppy, and I don’t think that will ever change.  I love the idea of adopting adult dogs— you know what you’re getting.  BUT, what would I give to see Knox as a puppy!  His big head!  Oh wow, I’d give anything.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  The point is, everyone needs their puppy fix now and again.  So despite the fact that I can’t foster puppies, nothing stops me from transporting them!

This week, I was blessed with not one, but two adorable little angels.  These boys were so well-behaved in the short time I had them.  They were dropped off at 6:40am, and with us just a few short hours before I dropped them off to their next destination!  I got puppy snuggles, puppy kisses, and of course, a little puppy piddle.

Basil boy

Check out these boys, Wally and Basil.  Basil is up for adoption through Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies!  (I believe Wally is spoken for!)  And the ears.  Oh those ears!


finger nibblin’

I have the cutest ears in the world. It’s true!

What?! You don’t enjoy licking kennel doors as your past time?!

If your interested in adopting Basil— fill out an application through MABB!

Bottle Pups

These lil pups were dropped off at BARCS just over 3 weeks ago.  They were days old.  They were dropped off  by a lady without any explaination; she pretty much dropped them and ran off without answering any basic questions.  Well thank goodness for foster homes that can handle puppies so young.  I know we certainly couldn’t.  Up every hour, feeding them constantly…not our cup of tea.  These puppies were struggling a lot at first.  One stopped breathing on two seperate occasions.  Their foster mama was worried sick.  Well, clearly they are doing great now…eatin’ like little piggies.  What kind of dogs are they?  No idea!  I’d put money that they have some sort of pitbull type dog in them, but those ears are very interesting.  Their foster mama guesses they have some hound since they are very vocal.  Only time will tell!  We can’t wait to watch them grow over the next few weeks.

Until then, a photo essay for you, with love from the bottle pups.

that ear!
that polka dot nose!

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