Evening Activities at the lake


I don’t know if you’ve ever been to sleep away camp.  It’s pretty awesome and the evening activities always were a gamble.  They could be super fun, like man hunt or scavenger hunt in the dark, or fairly boring, like a movie on a rainy night.  For Knox, the lake is always the man hunt!  However, he prefers ‘stick hunt’.  He was so surprised that all day long he was running right by an entire pile of sticks!  He just didn’t know it (due to the plethora of woodedness at the lake).

Well wouldn’t you know, the humans went to go play with fire (Knox believes that is strange, for the record, and has no idea why humans would play with anything that dangerous!) and Knox played with sticks.  Surprise. Surprise.

“Yea, that one looks good!  Give it here!  C’mon!  Throooow it!”

ooooooH that one's even better


Who says you can’t do downward dog at night?!  Tushes in the air!!!

 We also did a little cooking. See the horseflies, mosquitos and gnats have quite the crush on our boy.  C’mon I mean who doesn’t?!  But since lil pitties have such short hair, their bellies are completely exposed.  So while Knox is busy sticking, the skeeters were having a feast!  So I found this recipe for a homemade insect repellent for dogs.  I combined a few of the various ingredients, figuring the more ingredients, the more potent!  I just boiled down the rinds of citrus (we had plenty, thanks to all the G&T’s that are consumed at The Lake), then added in some catnip and a mint leaf and let it steep (like tea).  It made a delish smelling concoction that reminded me of citrus tea.  I let it cool and slathered it onto his back, neck, ears and belly. Now it may just be a placebo effect, but I do think it helped.  It definitely didn’t hurt!  I think it was more effective on the skeeters and gnats then the biting horse flies…plus it un-stinkified Knox from lake water before his evening bath (which seemed to soothe his itching as well- Oatmeal shampoo).  But hey, if your on a mountain and you have some citrus, mint and catnip (thanks to resident lake house cat), try it and let me know what you think!

And just because Knox said I had to, here’s a few more favorites from the lake on our last morning.

Are you gonna row this thing lady, or just take pictures all day?!

Are you gonna row this this lady, or just take pictures all day?!

Till next year, Muskoday!