Over the river and through the woods

Last Monday was a state holiday – what did that mean for us?  A group hike of course!  It was a chilly Monday, but we crammed into the car (yes, 3 humans and 3 pitbulls into a 4 door car), got some lattes, and hit the road!

We arrived at The Daniels Area of Patapsco State Park, and after a bit of “over the river” we were into the woods!

Chocko was accompanied by his good buddies, Tyson and Molly.  They romped, rolled, climbed and sniffed their way through some beautiful trails along the river.

We packed snacks, obviously (do you think we could get them to sit this still and intently in the midst of all the fall smells otherwise?)

Ty and Chock

And fit in some basic refresher training here and there…

But, since this was all about fun, we let the pups get wild and muddy in the water, and they had a messy blast!

Since it was chilly, overcast, and a Monday, we saw nobody on the trail.  It was a nice break from city life for the day and I kept asking, “Why don’t we do this more often?  No really… whyyyyy?”  I tell ya what, I cannot wait to get them back here in the warmer months!  The trail meanders along the river bank, and though it’s not exactly a challenging hike, it’s quite beautiful scenery.

“enough with the pictures, lets waaaalk”

” the leaves match my beautiful coat, mom! I think fall is my most complimentary season”

Before it gets too cold out, I hope we get another few hikes in the season!  Who knows, maybe we’ll solicit some more buddies in the Baltimore area to come along 🙂

This picture is proof that this hike effectively wore these pups out (and if you think they were this quite in the car on the way there… well that’s just ludicrous).

Chocko has a playdate!

Look who came to play with Chocko this weekend!

Yup these two had a grand old time in our little (and I mean little) patio.  This fall, these two boys will be spending a month shacking up together!  So we are letting them get more and more acquainted with each other.  Which for the two of them, means a bit of butt sniffing and a ton of play time.

Tyson got himself a bit muddy….

So his mama broke out the hose (which he LOVES)… Chocko, not so sure yet…

These guys are gonna be golden together!  Chocko will be headed over to Tyson’s house in September while we are taking a lil trip overseas (ok not little, SO excited for it) and then Ty will be staying with us while his parents go on their honeymoon!  This plan was set over a year ago for Knox and Tyson, which is why Ty was basically the final decision in our Chockster adoption.  Phew!

Handsome boys in their Sirius Republic Collars