two pitties escape the city (for an evening hike)…


So, this is embarrassing… but we’ve been living in Baltimore for over 5 years now, and keep saying we’re gonna head out of the city for a hike somewhere… well that never really happened… till yesterday!  We packed up Knox and Eve and some hiking essentials and headed to Loch Raven Reservoir after work on Friday evening. 

Where we goin?!?!

We only really had about an hour and a half but it was perfect weather and just the amount of time we needed.  It was very wooded, so while this made hiking a breeze (as in cool), I was very disappointed with the photos (still figuring all that out). 

Eve got her hiking shoes on (ok, just her collar and leash).  We packed some water, baggies (what goes into the park, must come out!), and treats (human and doggie kind!)

The pups did some walking, sniffing, and enjoying the great outdoors, after all, a frolic in the woods is a big deal for these city pitties.

STICK!…smells like deer. best.stick.ever.

This was Knox’s attempt to jump up on the log.  He tried a few times but couldn’t quite make it… he got an A+ for effort though!

You know they are getting tired when every stick turns into the perfect stick… lazy dogs

And after all that wild fresh air, what everyone needs is a good snuggle…

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