Pittie Posse Secret Santa, Take 2!

Last year was the inaugural PPSS (you guessed it, short for Pittie Posse Secret Santa).  Secret Santa - Pittie PosseWhich make’s this year the 2nd annual!  Our buddies over at Our Waldo Bungie organize this, and we couldn’t be more grateful for being included again this year!  And there are even more possie members!

Last year Knox and Lola were gifted a super cool dragon toy with like hundreds (ok, maybe dozens) of sqeakers!  It brought hours of entertainment to these two, thanks to Kate and her crew over at Kate with a Camera.

christmas 2011 153

christmas 2011 148

This year we received a very prompt package from our Secret Santa!  We were so super excited to open it.  Do you have any idea who could have sent it?!

hoodie 011

Why of course, the cold-weather experts from  the arctic tundra Chicago!  Our virtual buddies Miss M and Mr. B were gracious enough to custom make Chocko his very own adoption year hoodie!  How warm and athletic does he look in his hoodie?hoodie 006

hoodie 003

It even makes his butt look cute 🙂

hoodie 017

We’re amazed how perfectly it fits, and super appreciative of the very thoughtful gift.  We can add it to Chocko’s growing collection of winter wear.  Chocko even has Mr. B’s Christmas card face smack over his crate, to keep him company.hoodie 020

So, want to know what everyone else is getting?  Go do some hunting and check out the other blogs – Here’s the list:

Our Waldo Bungie

Two Pitties in the City

Two Grad Students and a Pittie

Love and a Six Foot Leash

That Touch of Pit

Kate with a Camera

A Heartbeat at My Feet

Peace, Love & Fostering

Two Kitties One Pittie

Happy Holidays from Chocko and his humans!!!


17 thoughts on “Pittie Posse Secret Santa, Take 2!

  1. How super-duper cute is that?!?! Chocko looks very dashing in red, and I don’t think he needed the hoodie to make his butt look cute – then again, I am a sucker for a pittie tushy. 🙂 Thank you again SO much for the necklace and magnet…I am still wearing the necklace, getting compliments on it daily! Hugs from Nashville! XO Laura, Dave, Oscar & Cooper

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