Dear Knox, Part II: The Journey

Dear Knox,

You were a smart boy, picking us.  Just like we were a smart couple, picking you.  After bringing you home, you really taught us what it was to learn the meaning of ‘responsible’.  We grew up because of you.   We got you through a nasty case of demodex mange that despite keeping much of your hair, you had a lot of trouble getting rid of.

Playing with your buddy, Foster (and your mangey coat!)

You had countless belly troubles, and oh yea, some of the worse separation anxiety anyone had ever seen (let alone us, who knew nothing about it).  It was about six months of consistency (5 dog beds, 2 crates and a bazillion kongs later) that finally made you realize we would never really leave you, not for long anyway.  It was torture hearing you yelp, cry and scream for us when we left for work day after day; but we were SO proud of you for finally understanding that we’d be back for you.  Always, bud.  ALWAYS.

And fun, there was so much fun!  You, my Baltimore-city-picked-up-running-the-streets-of-North-Ave Boy, got to experience the country!  And boy did it suit you!  I think your most favorite place in the world is the lake.  You’ve been both summers and you LOVE it there.  You hunt for sticks most of the day (even mastering the art of snorkeling), and sun yourself on the dock in the afternoon.

snorkeling for sticks

You sleep so well there since you don’t stop from sunrise to sunset.  I’ve been visiting the lake since I was only a few years old, but it has a special meaning to me now.  I think I’ll always have an easy time finding you there.

You’ve traveled to Rhode Island, New York, St. Michael’s (MD), The Outer Banks, D.C., and a ton of local day trips to hike and swim.  I loved how well you did, everywhere.  If you were with us, all was good in your world.  My easy boy.

Running with your buddy, Tyson in OBX

And Change minds?  Hell Yes you did.  Just within out close circle of family and friends, we got the “YOU got a WHAT?!?!” when we brought you home… but look at the love in these faces now… these people ADORE you now. 

And of course, the fostering.  It was because of your needs at first.  It was a debt, actually.  We needed so much help with the mange and anxiety and everything else.  I told ‘T’ (that sweet gal that runs MABB and basically saved your life a bazillion times since this mama knew nothing and T always had the answer), that once Knox was settled in, we’d give it a whirl.  After all we certainly owed her (let’s pretend I didn’t email her every other day with ridiculous questions…).  Well, who would have guessed, you were the best damn foster brother that ever could have existed.  You were playful with the puppies and let them walk all over you, you gave space to those who needed time to warm up, and you comforted those who were unsure at first, about many different things (like steps and crates and city buses).  I never did capture in a photo, but both Eve and Lola looked at you CONSTANTLY for reassurance.  It was amazing how calm cool and collected you were knowing that you had your lil girls to look out for.  And that wild Buddha man, what a personality!  But you helped him contain himself when appropriate, and you really helped him get over his separation anxiety a lot faster than you did (and can you believe his was WORSE?!)  His new mama owes you a big thank you for that one!

You’re weekends were filled with ‘stooping’ and ball at the park,

Enjoying the grass after some nice fetch at the park - your favorite way to start a Saturday morning

followed by evenings of snuggling up close.

What a trip you had buddy… this journey through life was anything but ordinary.  They guessed you were born sometime in August 2009, but we know your life didn’t really start until May 17th, 2010.  You really lived it up and when it finally came time to lay you to rest, it brought me peace to know we gave you every ounce of love, affection, and experience we could.

I hope your enjoying sun, grass and endless tennis balls and bully sticks right now… I love you sweet boy.  Tomorrow, bud, I’ll tell you all about the Legacy you’ve left behind…


42 thoughts on “Dear Knox, Part II: The Journey

  1. I’ll admit, I had a hard time reading this post through all the tears! Knox fit a lot of life into his time with you – he was so, so, so, so, lucky to have a mom and dad like you!

  2. I’m sming through my tears as I read about Knox’s life with you…and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sharing similar stories at the Bridge~ xxooxx

  3. Your writing is beautiful and so is your very strong love for Knox!!! It is so amazing to know that there are people out there that love their dogs the same way I love mine. He definitely knew love… that is for sure!
    He left a huge hole in your heart but now it’s big enough to make room for many more that need you!

  4. Just like everyone else, it is hard not to cry while reading about Knox and I didn’t even know him! Reading your blog and seeing Knox led me to adopt my own pitbull from MABB and I couldn’t be happier. Just know, Knox was a great ambassador and you both truly helped me in my dog quest. He lived a great life!

      • My husband and I adopted Dena, now Eva, in November. I had emailed you about introducing her and our old dog since Knox had that fight with Ariel and I didn’t want that to happen. Thank you so much for such a great blog. My thoughts really are with you-hoping your heart heals soon!

  5. Jess, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Knox had quite a life in the short time he was here. Bless your heart for being there for him.

  6. What a beautiful tribute. And I’ll start my day off again with tears for you and Knox but will know, as I hope you do, that he had an incredible life during his short stay in this incarnation that prepared him well for whatever lies next.

  7. It’s so rare to be able to feel true love from written word. There is no doubt how strong the bond is, no doubt how unconditionally the love flowed (to him and back to you) and there is only certainty you were meant to find one another. One of the most beautiful blog posts I’ve ever read.

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  9. I wish I could put into words how beautiful your posts have been, how thrilled I am that you and Knox picked each other, and how grateful I am that you chose to share your journey with us. While my heart aches that his time here was too short, it is also filled with joy that his life was so rich.


  10. I am so sorry to hear about Knox…he was a great boy. He did a lot more in the short time he got to be with you guys than he ever would have without you! You gave him a wonderful life.

  11. Thank you for sharing Knox with us. I know writing these must in some ways be so hard for you. I know you must think at this moment that your heart is going to actually break into pieces but getting your feelings out there is helping not only you two but all that loved Knox even if from afar. My fur kids are sending you cyber paw hugs everyday.

  12. Thank you for sharing your story and for giving us the chance to get to know Knox. I cried while reading this post and the one before this. Hang in there, it’s hard but it’s going to get better soon.

    Leroy and Tiara

  13. Wow, what amazing people you are and this is so welll written — I really think you could turn it into a book “The Journey of Knox” — it has a great message that should defintely be spread.

    Sorry for your loss, these posts I hope are therapeutic for you

  14. Hello Jess, I just heard about your loss from Kirsten. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet Knox earlier. You may not have had a lot of time, but it sounds like you still made some very good memories together. It’s never easy to lose a dog. To lose one so young and so unexpectedly is very traumatic I know because, almost 3 years to the day, the same thing happened to me.

    Wishing Knox A Very Excellent Journey, and you and Brian, Peace x

  15. I read about Knox on Twenty Six to Life and just wanted to say that I am so sad for your loss, not only have you lost a member of your family but the world has lost a wonderful ambassador for the breed. Thank you for sharing the story of Knox, it is truly beautiful.

  16. oh, jess … i’m so sorry for your loss. i just checked your site tonight, having missed a few days, and saw your two beautiful posts about knox. its obvious how much he was loved by you … and how much he loved you right back. we’re thinking of you both …

  17. Tears flowing for Knox and you. He was such a special dog, to adopt you and your husband, then get you so involved with fostering. I also know he will guide you to your next adoption, as my Cleo guided us to Isabel (Dena/Eva’s sister) from MABB, 2 weeks after she passed in August.
    Thank you for your blog, and all you do for these wonderful dogs.

  18. I can’t stop tearing when I read through ‘Dear Knox’. I cry because I am pained that you have to hurt from the loss of a great GREAT loving boy, but I cry because Knox lived an awesome life while he was with you and turned out to be the one teaching us humans and it makes me happy. The way I feel for my boy you put so generously and lovingly into words and from one pit-parent to another… you two are just as much the heros as Knox was/is. May Knox guide another loving and needing soul into your lives when you are ready and may it be blessed with more love.

  19. what a heartfelt, beautifully written tribute. it left tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and a swelling in my heart…not to mention and overwhelming urge to go squeeze Maisie, hard. thank you so much for sharing.

  20. It’s sad to hear about Knox. He was a great dog when we got to meet him and pick up Jenny. Seems he started alot of dogs off on a new and happier life and did alot with his short time on this earth.
    “Always thought about comeing down to see him again he was a good friend”
    quote from Zoey aka Jenny from the block

  21. What a boy and what a family. I’m filling out my applications to volunteer at either BARCS or Jasmine’s House or WARL in honor of Knox. I’ve been looking at the applications for days, but hesitating to commit. Well,no more. I have two great dogs who I love so much. And that love and the love between you guys and Baxter had should be a part of every dogs life. After I volunteer for a while and get a better idea of rescue dogs and me, I plan to foster. Thank you for helping me to see there’s no reason to wait. i can clean kennels as well as anyone! c:

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  24. These letters are a beautirful tribute to our boy Knox. I think the Lake will miss Knox too – who else will clean up the underwater sticks? I suspect Knox is running through the water as I type, with that wild look of joy on his face. We will miss him terribly and he is forever a part of our Lake memories.

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