Lovebug goes to school

Not school for her, no…she went to teach!  

Yup, last week she was hard at work in a school here in Baltimore, teaching kiddos the best way to approach and pet a dog.  And of course, she taught kids how to love animals too 🙂

Humane education is a great way that many local rescue, advocacy groups and shelters help to spread love for pitbulls and dogs in general.  It starts with the kids (especially those in areas where dogfighting has been a problem in the past) and hopefully lights a fire inside a little kid’s heart to teach them what wonderful creatures these animals are.  So yes, despite the fact that it doesn’t quite look like it, Lovebug is actually doing something very huge here.

I didn’t get to go on this field trip because I also was working hard at my day job…. so photo’s courtesy of Lisa’s iphone 🙂  (thanks Lisa!)

Lovebug was accompanied by my good buddy Lisa at BARCS

6 thoughts on “Lovebug goes to school

  1. Oh…this is so great (and how cute is she!). It is interesting that a lot of things we take for granted other people aren’t familiar with. I started a dog club at my high school and even though my students are older, meeting dogs was something they weren’t familiar with. And the students are so into everything; they really love learning about dog issues, but usually it’s something that is never ‘taught’ or you just have to live with someone who knows about it.

  2. I think this is just wonderful! Education is the key to stopping animal abuse and it’s got to start with the children. Great program. Everyone looks like they are having fun, especially Lovebug!

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